1. Do your Pictures tell a story? I don’t usually relate stories to my photos but instead I like to think they are connected to certain emotions. The second one of the girl shows confidence and toughness.
  2. What is your main focus? My main focus is the emotion of the subject or the emotion it represents. I like all types of photography but it’s hard to capture landscape and then shoot models without the themes bleeding into each other a little.
  3. My use of lighting is probably what I focus on the most. I like dark, high contrast pictures because they convey intense emotions, usually sad. In the third picture I use the erratic lines of the tree up against the sky to show a lack of control. In first picture I try to emphasize the green in the leaves up against the cold dark ground to show a hope type of feeling.
  4. What makes my photos good is that I think different people can look at them and feel different things depending what they are currently feeling. With some pictures one person might perceive it as happy while another looks at it as sad.
  5. If I could change the pieces I would have added another one of my friend that I thought would fit well with the ones I did submit.
  6. My photography connects with my own experiences because they are my experiences. I try to take photos that are somewhat more candid than set up to ensure a more real vibe from them.

Cover Letter

Armando Cains

2411 E. Stone Stable dr.


January 31st, 2017

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am applying for the job of Assistant Director of Photography at your company. I heard that the employee that had filled the position has recently resigned and I would be ever so grateful if you would consider me as their replacement. I have the required skills the position requires as well as more than enough experience with photography as a craft.

I personally believe this job is perfect for me at this time. I make an excellent candidate for this type of work. I have worked on the same type of work as freelance and have made my living that way. I am looking for a little more organization and stability however and believe I can receive that from your company. I have been using DSLR cameras and photography programs for several years and I can promise I am very proficient. I have a background in mostly nature photography but I have done all types before and I believe I can give you the types of shots you and your bosses are looking for.

I would love the opportunity to come in and speak to you personally about the position and how I am the best fit for what you need in an employee. Thank you for considering me and I hope to see you soon.



Armando Cains


2411 E. Stone Stable dr.

Oro Valley, AZ, 85737

(520) 551-8934


Armando Cains


  I wish to further my career in photography and film as well as graphical design. My goal in life is to live happy and work hard for it.

Skills & Abilities

  ·         Proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Premier

·         Excellent with computers

·         Able to use Word, Excel, Power Point

·         Some knowledge in Java, C#, Html, and Cs programming language

·         Good with others or as an individual

·         Experienced in Self-defense, Boxing, and Taekwondo



Usher, Century Theater Oro Valley

October 21st, 2015 – present

Clean Theaters, make food, work on register, take inventory, clean dishes, compact trash, and help customers with any needs or questions.

Staff, Peter Piper Pizza

December 5th,2014 – May 21st,2015

Clean tables, fix arcade games, make pizza/ other foods, wash dishes, and help customers with any needs or questions.



CDO High School – currently attending

Currently a senior at CDO high school. I have always had my classes based around computer and technology classes.



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[Title, Company]

[Contact Information]

Artist Statement


I am an artist. I create art because it helps me and others see the world from new perspectives. I believe that is the purpose of art. Its purpose is to make you feel and think differently. Art moves people and that is what I wish to do. I want to move people. As an artist I am most attracted to photography because of the way it can be simple and complex at the same time. I have always been an artistic person. When I was younger I loved to draw but it was very frustrating and took lots of practice while photography felt like it came more naturally as a skill. My father is very talented with most mediums of art. He can draw, paint, play several instruments, and he is a great dancer. My grandma and great grandma were great painters and I have several of their paintings hung in my wall. As I am still very young my art and its style are still in development. I constantly find myself jumping back and forth between what kinds of styles I like and what kinds of unique things I want to add. I live right up against the Catalina Mountains and this has made me enjoy nature photography a lot. When you have something to always take good shots of it’s hard to not like it, but I do want to different thing with models and more abstract things that make people think. Underlying meaning is a huge part of photography and it is something you must always think about. Symbolism, just like in writing, can make a piece mean much more than what it does at first glance.

Overall I love art and especially photography. I plan on making it a part of my life for as long as possible and hopefully in the future it takes me places. I want to travel the globe and